How To Improve Yourself The Practical Way

justin-moore-240The desire for self-improvement reflects an individual’s ability to grow. Seeking to improve and become better can really say so much about one’s maturity, too. There’s probably nothing more meaningful than a life defined by the purpose of betterment. It is through that we can actually get the most out life.

Because the potential of the human mind knows no bounds, it’s practically impossible to be stagnant and just stop growing. There are still many things to learn and the opportunity to grow is endless. But, if you feel like you’re one of those who are stuck, there’s no need to worry. Here are some practical ways to help you on your journey towards personal growth.

The first thing you would probably need to change is your wake-up time. Learn to hold off pressing that snooze button and according to self-help gurus, rising up early could increase your productivity by 10 folds. Obviously, you have more time and you tend to accomplish more. Plus, you feel like you’re more “in the zone” when you wake-up early.

Reading a book everyday can also contribute to your personal growth. This is mainly because books are concentrated sources of knowledge. The more you engage in reading, the more you’ll be able to learn. Exposing yourself in a fresh perspective would give you wisdom.

Another thing that you can do is creating an inspirational environment. Maybe revamping your own room and filling it up with encouraging things would help lift up your spirits. Listening to several types of music can also help. From the rock hit “It’s my life” to country music like Justin Moore Off the Beaten Path songs, you ought to find inspiration from their lyrics.

Picking up a new hobby is another great way to pick up new habits and skills. It can be a new sport you can learn like fencing, ice skating, or rock climbing. It can also be recreational like dancing, web design, pottery, or baking. Learning something different exercises your mind in every aspect.

Above all, one must be committed to personal growth. The list could go on and on, but if one is not dedicated enough, every tip in the book would be useless. Each one of us is responsible to our own growth and no other person can make us better apart from ourselves.

Music and Personal Development

Music-gives-soul-to-the-universe1Music plays a big part in personal development. Studies have revealed that music influences and affects people in so many aspects of their life. It directly affects the physical body.

Institutes and establishments that focus on music and healing have been in existence for a number of years now, providing service directly to needy patients and providing training to would-be care providers. The Institute for Music and Health is one of these. John Diamond, M.D., is a founder and he does give helpful information on how music can enhance holistic health in individuals, communities, and businesses.

Cultural music has brought unity to each nation. Early history shows that music is a unifying factor in every race, background, and belief. Through music, cultural and international barriers have been broken down and have enabled friendly ties between nations.

Music is a pleasure giver, relaxer, and soother. The history of the early African American’s triumph over years of slavery and abuse clearly show that music played a big part in keeping their hopes up. The richness of ‘Spirituals’ and other Black American penned music show immense creativity. It’s as if all of the pent-up emotions and all of the life experiences found expression and relief thru music.

Music in the workplace is becoming more common. Employers find that soft piped-in music make for a work environment that reduces stress levels, increasing productivity, creativity, communication, and mutual cooperation among fellow workers.

Music improves body workouts, enabling the trainee or athlete to push himself further at a pace and intensity that does not harm the body. Music boosts brain and lung power. The body benefits much from music. It is a natural pain reliever and muscle relaxant. Those who find it hard to relax after strenuous workouts or after a full day at work can slowly ease up and relax by listening to music. It induces sleep and is a natural cure for insomnia.

With a wide choice of music genres, one can be able to find just the right kind of music that he can connect with: Jazz, Classical, Blues, and more. Try country for instance, its pure themes and soulful arrangements are sure to relax you. Blake Shelton is a popular country music artist; you may even catch a live performance for maximum enjoyment. See blake shelton tickets raleigh nc.

How to Widen Your Social Circle

2832935304_8391482287_oWe all get caught up with the busy strings of a normal day, the quick buzz of the phone that tells us where we need to be and what we need to do next, that we forget to stop and take a break. Too much work is like a slow poison that kills the joy inside of us. In our frenzy to get that promotion, we forget what really is important in life: happiness.

Being with your friends and meeting new ones is a great stress beater. You can grab a few drinks, talk about the good old times, or perhaps meet a new interesting stranger who will uplift your mood. You can widen your social circle through these activities:

Go to Concerts

You’ll be surprised with who you can meet at concerts and tours. Not only will you meet people with the same music taste as yours, they can be attractive, too. Who knows, perhaps going to Imagine Dragons 2015 tour is the first step to meeting your best friend or lover.

Attend Parties

Some people hate, even despise, parties (introverts, anyone?). If you’re one of them, you seldom go to parties, and if ever you do, you stay as far away from anybody’s attention as possible. You stick to the walls or go off to a secluded corner just so you can avoid everybody and everybody can avoid you. You may simply be shy or you really hate humans, but it’s a good idea to enjoy yourself in parties once in a while. Go with somebody you feel comfortable with and can get loosened up with.

Get a Hobby

Enroll in a dancing class, yoga, painting, writing, basketball, swimming, soccer, baseball, or anything. Get a new hobby or resume your old one and you’re sure to gain new acquaintances. It’s also mighty fun to do the things you love and to learn new skills. You develop your talents and skills while also meeting new people.

Walk Your Dog

Have a pet? Walk it outside. Chances are you’ll meet people who love these furry animals same way as you do. They’ll even introduce themselves to you.

Gold Trading Online Versus Physical Gold Trading

goldThere is no doubt about the value of gold. This is an investment that you will never go wrong with. The value of gold may go up and down every once in a while, but it is expected to go even higher in the future. It is also a limited resource and is considered valuable by many people. If you wish to invest on gold, the best thing to do is to go for online gold trading. This is a much better option compared to physical gold trading. Here’s why:

  • When you trade online, you can buy and sell any time you want. With the slightest movement in the trading market, you can easily make a decision. If you made the right one, you can expect high profits.
  • Physical trading of gold is a daunting task. First, you have to look for a buyer. You cannot just expect someone to buy gold bars right away. You might go to jewelry stores, but not all of them are interested buying it from someone whom they don’t know if they already have a stable supplier.
  • Gold increases and decreases its value fast. Therefore, if you own a gold bar and you want to sell it when the value is high, it is a good move. Sadly, when you can’t find a buyer, you have to wait again for its value to rise before you will have the chance to sell it. Otherwise, you have to settle for a very low amount.

In short, you just have to go for gold trading online rather than physical gold training. It is less strenuous, but you can rake a lot of profits at the end of the day. If you have enough money to splurge, you might want to check out Daniel Tosh Tour Dates 2015 and follow his shows.

Know What’s Trending in Leadership Development

leadershipIdentifying potential talent in individuals and developing them to become leaders in an organization is a challenge for the professionals whose task it is to do so. Leaders today have more areas to navigate, as globalization and technological advancements require a shift in traditional skills to accommodate new ones.

Communication, the ability to delegate and strategy development are some of the established strengths an effective leader must possess but in the changing milieu of global expansion and intermingling of diverse cultures, good leadership needs more than just the conventional characteristics.

In a 2013 study of high performance organizations majority of whom have headquarters in the United States with affiliates worldwide, new trends in global leadership development were uncovered. The processes for identifying potential leaders need modification and a shift from using the organizational chart if organizations will adapt to these trends. Naturally, it goes without saying that leaders can only be effective if there is strong support from the organization and its people.

  1. Influence and performance, not position, define leaders. Leaders are people who have the ability to influence others in the organization, whether or not a direct reporting relationship is involved. It includes changing others’ attitudes, behaviors, goals and values to support the company’s objectives.With companies going global for cost cutting or expansion purposes, there is a need for employees to communicate with co-employees in another location, or another department to collaborate on projects and meet goals that will ultimately lead to the company’s better performance. The person who can successfully influence colleagues is seen as a leader.
  1. Global leadership development is open not only to employees with high potential but to any manager who is interested. The potential of some employees may not be immediately recognizable but further training and development will unlock their talents and increase their effectiveness.
  1. Strategic workforce planning is used to identify competencies that have to be continually developed and competencies that have emerging significance but have largely been relegated to the sides. Without foregoing long-term planning and corporate values, competencies that need mastery in a changing environment must be addressed for global leadership development to be effective. These include ease with virtual technology tools, social networking, creativity and encouraging innovation.
  1. Business performance and engagement are increasingly being used as gauges for the effectiveness of global leadership development. While participant satisfaction and observable changes in behavior are still the dominant metrics for leadership development, a remarkable and new measure used by organizations is business performance, specifically sales and productivity. Engagement scores of leaders’ direct reports is another measure has also shown significant correlation with global leadership development. These two metrics provide quantitative evidence of results from investment.

From a training and development organization based in Boston, here are other trends that can guide companies who are serious about having an engaged workforce:

  1. Business leaders believe that a key challenge to leadership is the ability to lead change. Change has never been more active than it is now, and an effective leader knows how to handle ambiguities. The obstacle to lead change is the uncertain environment which prevents these changes from taking root.
  1. There is strong competition for recruiting talent, with companies giving fat salaries and unlimited benefits to leaders just to keep them from leaving. Instead of looking for leaders from the outside, invest in young and promising talent, then train and retain them.
  1. Invest in your first line leaders. They are also the liaison agents between management and the employees. As such, they play a key role in employee engagement and implementation of strategies. They communicate the organization’s goals to the employees and inspire them to perform towards the achievement of these goals.
  1. More important to a leader than skills and knowledge is the ability to lead people effectively. The four leadership competencies to be able to do so are thinking like a leader, coaching the team, reaping results through others and engaging people.
  1. Leadership is recognizing the factors that lead to employee engagement and optimizing them to improve market advantage and productivity. Employee engagement reduces absenteeism and work accidents while increasing employee satisfaction and commitment.
  1. Leadership is less of a one-man rule today and more of collaboration between managers. Company leadership development systems must maintain stability between the different levels to maintain consistent competencies and concepts.
  1. Boot-camp training is passé. Learning classroom style can be tedious and may even distract from the work of employees. Practical but challenging sessions that incorporate free-wheeling discussions, team bonding and reflection produces more results.

Thanks to the internet and other technological tools, more and more companies now have a worldwide reach, buying and selling from other countries and putting up offices in different parts of the globe. The need for global leadership development has become more acute and key competencies have been added while some traditional concepts have been discarded.

Organizations wishing to continue their existence and profitability must adapt to the new changes and cultivate leaders who are up to the challenge and are willing to accept and implement these changes.

Where to Find Australian Music

taylor dayneAre you an Australian music fan? If so, then you have many options for creating and enjoying music, such as at adelaide music stores. Music is very popular and important in Australia, including in regional areas such as the city of Adelaide. However, 2014 was a tough year for the country in terms of its music industry, so it was interesting to see how 2015 would turn out.

In fact, the music industry rebounded last year. That was in part due to the slowing down of the drop in physical sales. It was surprising to industry experts. In fact, it was the first time the music industry in Australia has been growing since the year 2012.

Music streaming is actually saving the Australian music business that’s been in trouble during the past few years. The revenue from wholesale music is increasing. It could be driven by various streaming music services.

Products with recorded music such as CDs dropped a steep 18 percent during 2014. However, the drop was only 3%. One key factor could be Adele’s third album entitled “25.” It was the best-selling album during last year. It was also the primary driver of physical music sales. Record stores and similar retailers reported a spike in people purchasing the new Adele album.

The album had platinum sales 8x selling more than 560K units. It’s still number 2 in the country’s ARIA album charts.

Another interesting situation was vinyl records. Experts had predicted that its growth would end. However, it rose again in 2015. Not only that, but the vinyl records increased 38% compared to 2014.

Meanwhile, the music industry in Australia grew 5% to a total value of $333.8 million. The most of the industry’s value was due to digital sales. It was worth 62% during last year. Meanwhile, total revenue earned from music services such as Apple Music, and Spotify actually doubled during 2014.

The country of Australia is famous for making and listening to music. ARIA’s CEO Dan Rosen claimed that a sky-high number of people are now listening to music. He claimed that it showed the innovation of Australia’s local music market.

In fact, people can enjoy music in various ways, such as by purchasing music at local music stores. They can purchase all sorts of musical instruments and equipment there, which gives them the opportunity to create music whether it’s for themselves, friends/family, or via the public by recording music.

In fact, Rosen pointed out that music fans in Australia are consuming more music than at any time during the past. Not only that, but consuming music through various types of formats including downloading on smartphones and tablets, music streaming, and even buying CDs and vinyl records at their local music stores.

However, it’s unclear if the music industry is doing as well as the reports seem to indicate. One issue is comparing the total number of Australians who listen to music today, with the pre-digital time period when physical sales were actually higher.

It’s also been well-documented that album releases made by the biggest artists of the world is important the music industry today.

Taking your Love for Food to the Next Level

yummy-foods4Many of us just love to see, eat and work with food. This passion is not just brought by the lucrative income offered by being a chef, but simply because food is something that can challenge our creativity. Once we do something good to any simple ingredients found in the pantry, we can also bring joy to others. Most people who are passionate workers in the food industry also love to eat. They have discriminating taste for food which is what leads them to discover new recipes and continue to experiment.

If we love what we are doing, we need not be paid to be good at it. For instance, mothers who love to cook always make sure that they prepare something special out of the ordinary. They can use this passion to bring joy to the family. Some young men and women who love to eat and cook do not just satisfy their interest by cooking. They think of ways on how they can benefit more from this. They use it to earn money to serve as additional allowance if they are still in school. These people have certainly taken their love for food to the next level. Sometimes, it is not enough that we have a passion. We can also do things on how this passion can make us a better person and improve our lives. As life coaches say, start with your passion. From this, you can develop your skills and talents which you can use to make a living and benefit from a satisfying career.

If you know you have the heart to have a fruitful career in the food industry, you will take time to develop and hone your skills. Self-study is possible now that resources can be easily accessed online, but there are short courses you can take. You can start by preparing delicacies at home such as desserts.  They are easy to sell online and you can also take orders for special occasions. You can also think of a unique product that is not offered by others. How about developing your own ice cream that tastes uniquely special? Start by buying an ice cream maker that makes the process a lot easier. You can read about an outdoor ice maker and see how easy it is to make ice cream.

Budgeting For a Dog

dogAre you thinking of getting a dog? As a dog lover, I can only applaud you for a wise decision. That is, you must have considered your living space beforehand. Dogs make the best pets. Their loyalty is unrivalled and you can even teach them to do some tasks, like fetching your slippers. Pooches are fond of play and just watching their antics lightens your spirit and makes you forget your problems. Depending on the breed, they make good guard dogs, too.

One thing you must factor in when planning to keep a dog is the budget for its upkeep. Aside from the purchase price, which can vary widely, there are regular expenses for keeping a canine pet. Dogs need to be kept safe and healthy by giving them a nutritious diet and regular grooming. Learn more about dog care at Play Safe Dogs so you come prepared when you’ve bought that pup.

The first few months are the most expensive in routine puppy care. It will need visits to the veterinarian for vaccines, preventive medicines and checkups for at least 16 weeks. Vaccines and special needs for puppies can be costly but after the doses are completed, you are assured of a healthy pet.

Typical expenses are for food and treats. The size and age of the dog determines the type of food you give it. If you are getting a guard dog, it won’t be a small breed like a Shih Tzu or a Chihuahua.  A pitbull is ideal but it will need bigger feeding than smaller breeds. Buy the best dog food for pitbulls for a healthy guard dog that can protect you and your house.

Other expenses are vitamins and supplements, a bowl, at least one collar and leash with an ID label, a cozy bed, grooming and toys. You can save on grooming by learning how to do it but you have to buy the tools, which is a one-time expense only.

Once you’ve arranged for a budget for keeping a pet dog, it’s time to buy one. Whether it’s a calm and friendly Labrador, a frisky Maltese, a vain poodle or an evil-looking Doberman, you’ll eventually bond with it and that’s worth the money you’ve set aside for it.

Slightly Used Vs. Brand-New Equipments: Which Is The Wiser Buy?

You’re planning to buy a car, or your washing machine suddenly conks out and needs to be replaced but the prices of brand new items are prohibitive, or an emergency purchase is not just in your budget yet. A friend suggests exploring slightly used apparatus and it makes sense to save on a few thousand or hundred dollars. But how can you tell if you’ve chanced upon a great bargain buy or you’ll be regretting your decision because frequent trips to the repair shop are not worth the lower price?

If you’re tight on funds or you’re a business owner, pre-owned facilities is a wise choice pending certain considerations. For example, it would be more advantageous for a commercial property owner to buy used commercial lawn mowers than brand new ones since they are not utilized daily and replacement parts are easy to come by.

First off, brand new items have an edge over their second-hand counterparts, like having warranties and free delivery. But for the savings you can get, contraptions, machinery or appliances that are not brand new have their merits. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking at used items for sale:

When was the equipment bought? Appliances have their own life spans. Washing machines, laundry dryers and refrigerators can last 20 years while dishwashers and microwave ovens have a life expectancy of about 10 years. Lawn mowers have an average life of 10 years, depending on maintenance, brand and usage.

What is the condition of the equipment? Does it have dents? Is it clean? Are the wirings intact and the knobs working properly? These are giveaway signs that the owner keeps regular maintenance and servicing or is neglectful. It goes without saying that you must try turning it on, even if it’s a refrigerator and you have to wait a longer time to see if it cools. Also, remember that some appliances that are old may not be as energy efficient as the newer models.

How often is the equipment used? Frequent use will shorten an appliance’s life span than one that is not as heavily used. The load of a washing machine for a large family is bigger than one that is owned by a single person or a smaller family.

What brand is the equipment? At the risk of sounding discriminatory, reputable brands make longer lasting products than do lesser known manufacturers. Read reviews in forums and communities about a brand and model of an item on the internet.